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Student Organization Reimbursement Information

Student Organization Reimbursement Information

Normal Reimbursement Instructions

1. All forms and documents are located in the black plastic drawers outside the SBA office. 

2. Use the SMU Tax-Exemption form to make your purchase (located in the Step 1 Box of the SBA Office and attached to this emai). * Note: Taxes will not be reimbursed.

3. Before you submit your very first reimbursement request, fill out a W-9 form (located in Step 2 Box outside of the SBA office). 

4. Next, fill out the carbon copy reimbursement form EXACTLY like the sample form (located in Step 3 Box outside of the SBA office).

5. Tape ITEMIZED receipt(s) to a blank white sheet of paper and paper clip it to the reimbursement form. 

           -- Alcohol cannot be reimbursed.
           -- Receipts with alcohol cannot be reimbursed. Get your invoices/receipts split into alcoholic
               and non-alcoholic, and only submit the non-alcoholic one. 

6. If you want more funds, please review the "Budget Request" tab to the right.